Mortgage Financing Requirements

If you plan to use funds from your bank accounts or investment accounts for your down payment, closing costs or funds in reserve


The most recent 2 months statements or most recent quarterly statement for each account from each financial institution.


Retirement Funds

– The most recent quarterly statement for each account, from each financial institution (all pages are required – even blank pages)

– The specific terms and conditions of withdrawals from each investment account as stipulated by your employer and your financial institution showing that you, as the borrower, are able to personally exercise the general terms

Gift Funds

Are you receiving a gift to help with your down payment or closing costs? If so, here’s what you’ll need to provide to document that gift

Completed Gift Letter Form

– A copy of the donor’s account statement (all pages) from their financial institution, showing the funds are available to give.

– A copy of the withdrawal receipt when the donor withdraws the funds for you (whether in cash or check).

– A copy of the face of the gift check (if check is used).

– A copy of the deposit slip showing you’ve deposited the funds into your existing bank account.

Salary I Hourly Wage Earner

– 2 Year’s W-2s

– 2 year’s Federal Tax Returns (1040) with all schedules.


Other Sources of Income

If you receive income from a Pension, Social Security or Disability, we will need the following items

– A copy of your Awards Letter

– 2 years 1099 Statements

– Copy of a recent Bank Account Statement showing direct deposit of award.


If you receive income from Alimony, Separate Maintenance and/ or Child Support and wish to disclose this income

– Copy of Divorce decree showing award.

– Copies of Bank Account Statements or cancelled checks showing at least 6 consecutive months of receipt of full payment.